Frequently Asked Questions

What are my responsibilities?

People using this forum for posting must take full responsibility for their message contents. People using this forum as a source of information must understand that they are using it at their own risk. I will not accept any responsibility for and will not be liable to any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of this forum's information. I also reserve the right to terminate any of this forum's services any time without prior notice.

What is username?

Your username is your log-in name and unique identifier on Pasuh. You choose your username when creating a user account. All contributions made using that account will then be attributed to the chosen username (contributions made while not logged in to any account are attributed to the user's IP address). It is also possible to request a change of username, and have your past contributions re-attributed to the new name. Your username must consist only of letters ( a, b, c... ), numbers ( 1, 2, 3... ), strip ( - ), dot ( . ), and underscores ( _ ). Usernames cannot be, or contain personal contact information or clues to your personal contact information. Usernames cannot contain inappropriate, abusive, sexual or offensive content.

Why was my post deleted?

All posts on Pasuh that don't qualify will be deleted. Make sure that your post content does not contain elements that offend (ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group relations), does not contain spam, not out of topic, not offend any party, does not contain adult content. In addition, posts must also use polite words so that they are worth seeing by all groups, including children.

How do I know if I am banned?

If you are banned, you will receive an error message that you have been banned when trying to post on this forum. If you're getting 403 or 404 errors, this doesn't necessarily mean you're banned.

Who are the moderators?

Moderators are individuals selected to perform general site maintenance. Most of them are close friends of the admin of this forum. They may delete posts globally, ban users, sticky and close threads, etc. There is no publicly available list of moderators.

Where should I go if Pasuh is unreachable?

The facebook, @Pasuh_com instagram, and @Pasuh_com twitter will be available and contain information regarding downtime when the main site is unreachable.

Will Pasuh remove copyrighted material pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)?

Yes, please refer to our DMCA Policy for more information regarding our takedown process. Note that only the copyright holder(s) or their authorized representative(s) may issue such a request, under penalty of perjury, using the DMCA takedown process.

Can you help me contact a specific user?

No. Unless a user elects to include an e-mail address or other contact information in their post, there is no way to contact that user privately.